addie (its_a_madhouse) wrote in glbtyouth_ca,


Okay, so this is kind of a short personal rambling post but since this is the GLBT place to go and talk about stuff I'll just spew it out here. So yes, rethinking or just considering my bisexualityness, well I have been for a long while, and keep coming back to the thought that I am infact not. I think maybe I am just straight and mistook myself because I'm very open minded. So maybe my capacity here will be as more of an "ally." But yes, so I've decided I don't really want to think of myself as bi, because I don't really think I am... but also for some reason I don't like saying I'm straight either, maybe because I don't like labels of any kind, so I've decided finally that I don't know shit and I don't want to classify myself as anything. Okay thats all.......

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thats cool.i remember coming out as bisexual...later realizing that im not...and that i only like girls. it was difficult to tell some people(parents/family) when i realized that. know your self best.
yeah its not easy to figure out and even harder to try and explain it. lol sometimes i think i don't, i don't know what to think of me, so i'm just going to stop thinking
Labels are tough. And when you finally do realize how you fit, even though there's been a nagging suspicion all along, there's still a bit of a shock. It's very tough to explain. All I really know is that I love people, both.